Christopher J Osborne

E.Zuiko Auto-T 150mm f/4

Olympus Pen F E.Zuiko Auto-T 150mm f/4 mounted on an Olympus Pen F

Olympus Pen F E.Zuiko Auto-T 150mm f/4 mounted on a Sony A7 MkII

Olympus Pen F E.Zuiko Auto-T 150mm f/4

Cropping needed? Yes
Average 35mm equivalent focal length after cropping: 179mm

150mm f/4 image 1 - OOC+EC

150mm f/4 image 1 - Cropped
Image size: 16.9mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 179mm

150mm f/4 image 1 - Final
Image size: 16.9mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 179mm

150mm f/4 image 2 - OOC+EC

150mm f/4 image 2 - Cropped
Image size: 16.6mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 180mm

150mm f/4 image 2 - Final
Image size: 17.7mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 178mm

150mm f/4 image 3 - OOC+EC

150mm f/4 image 3 - Cropped
Image size: 21.2mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 160mm

150mm f/4 image 3 - Final
Image size: 21.3mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 162mm

150mm f/4 image 4 - OOC+EC

150mm f/4 image 4 - Cropped
Image size: 18mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 173mm

150mm f/4 image 4 - Final
Image size: 18.9mp
35mm equivalent focal length: 172mm

I've owned this lens for many years now, and this is the first time I've ever put it on a camera! It really just isn't a very interesting or exciting lens. Unlike the wide-angle and standard lenses in the Pen F range it isn't much smaller than equivalent full frame lenses, which makes it bulky and not much fun to carry around. The result, on full-frame at least, also lack interest, being fairly low on contrast and sharpness, and more importantly, general all round character! On the plus side it' fairly common, so if you do want one, either to complete your Pen F lens collection, or to actually use, it shouldn't set you back too much.

But this lens does nicely illustrate when Pen F lenses in general are so much fun to use on full-frame instead of more intuitively appropriate APS-C cameras. You'll see that there is a fairly which range of different degrees of cropping in the above images. In particular look at image 3: because this image had dark corners in general, and so I could be a lot more relaxed than normal about cropping out vignetting, resulting in an effective 35mm equiv. focal length of 162mm, compare to around 180mm in the first couple of images. In fact the final image, with it's 4:3 aspect ratio, is the full width of the frame (i.e. it's 4000px wide).