Christopher J Osborne

Minolta X-300

Minolta X-300 with Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 lens mountedMinolta X-300 top plate detailMinolta X-300 logo detail

The Minolta X-300 dates from 1984. It was the budget model in the Minolta X-700, X-500 and X-300 line. It lacks the more advanced features of the other two cameras such as TTL flash, depth-of-field preview and (in the case of the X-700) a programmed fully automatic exposure mode. But it has all the basics most people need:

I picked up this camera July 2012 from a car boot sale for £10 (probably about £5 too much for a car boot sale find!!). Rather surprisingly it seems to be in full working order. It was absolutely filthy, but once I cleaned it up is turned out to be in very nice condition. I have now passed this camera on to a friend who was keen to try out a classic manual film camera and replaced it with a Minolta X-500.