Christopher J Osborne

PolaroidPolaroid SX-70 Alpha 1

In 1977 Polaroid launched an improved version of the Polaroid SX-70 (original model) called the SX-70 Alpha 1. This cameras weren’t marked with an ‘Alpha 1’ label, but below I will detail all the differences between the original and Alpha 1 models. Polaroid also made an Alpha 1 version of the cheaper Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 with all the same improvements.

Differences between the original model and the Alpha 1

The first difference is the Alpha 1 features a distance scale on the lens.

The second difference is the Alpha 1 had fitting for a strap on the back.

You can also see that under the viewfinder the Alpha 1 has more comprehensive instructions under the viewfinder.

The most useful difference is the built-in tripod bush on the bottom of the camera meaning you no longer need the Tripod Mount #111 to use a tripod