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Tamron SP 28-80mm f/3.5-4.2 (27A) lens Tamron SP 28-80mm f/3.5-4.2 (27A) lens mounted on a Fujica AX-5

A modern photographer might wonder why Tamron put a lens with such a prosaic zoom range in their prestigious SP line of lenses... after all, today even the cheapest kit lenses feature similar zoom ranges. But when this lens was launched back in 1983 35-70mm was the most common zoom range for a 'standard' zoom and 28-80mm was generally reserved for higher-end lenses. Plus the Tamron 28-80mm has a very slightly faster aperture at the telephoto end (f/4.2 when f/4.5 was more common).

The Tamron SP 28-80mm f/3.5-4.2 also features a very handy close focus capability with an impressive maximum reproduction ration of 1:3.4 (not far from the 1:2 reproduction ratio common for specialist macro lenses in the early 1980s).


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