Photography is my passion. It is a means of self-expression and a wonderfully satisfying way to waste time! View the galleries on this page, or head over to my Flickr photostream for my very latest photographs, or my Flickr collections for a wider selection of work.

I've been taking photographs ever since I inherited the family hand-me-down Kodak 126 Instamatic at the age of 10. I still remember my very first film: it was used on a school trip to Chester Zoo. A few years ago I found the photographs from that first roll of film on a trip home to see my parents. It was just a bunch of vaguely giraffe and ostrich shaped fuzzy blobs, but from that very first film I was hooked. I will always be grateful to my mum for giving me that first camera!

I'm please to say that in September 2019 I achieved a Royal Photographic Society Assoicateship distinction for a set of Polaroid emulsion lift prints of London's Magnificent 7 cemeteries called Secret Gardens of the Dead.

I love all kinds of photography, from modern digital photography, to Polaroid photography, to old-fashioned film photography. Because I love gadgets almost as much as I love photography I use a wide range of equipment… most of my digital photography is done using an Olympus Pen-F compact system camera, often with legacy lenses from 30, 40 or 50 years ago using an adaptor. When it comes to analogue photography I have a large collection of classic cameras to choose from.