Classic camerasOlympus Ecru

In French écru means "unprocessed." We at Olympus chose this name to symbolize this unique camera’s ability to stimulate intellectual contemplation and natural creativity.

Err… yeah… right… Olympus’ marketing blurb is laughably loaded with pretension. In reality this is just a pretty standard AF compact in a party frock. But it is a very nice party frock! Olympus launched their first AF-compact-in-a-party-frock, the aluminium Olympus O-product in 1988 and it is still very highly sought after today. The Olympus Ecru followed in 1991… a very similar concept, but with a somewhat cheaper plastic body. 20,000 were produced (the one you see here in number 19070). Since the manual for this camera doesn’t seem to be available elsewhere on the ‘net, I scanned it myself:

Olympus Ecru manual (PDF 1.1mb)