RPS Distinctions

I am very pleased to say that some of my Polaroid work has been recognised by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). In September 2019 I received an RPS Associateship and in November 2020 I received an RPS Fellowship.



Polaroid cameras

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Polaroid film, cameras and techniques have played a big role in my photography for a long time, so I have decided to gather all the Polaroid content on my website into a single section. You'll find galleries and articles about Polaroid cameras, and in the fullness of time I will add articles and videos about some of the techniques I use and adventures I've had in Polaroid land.

Polaroid photography combines the unpredicatble adventures of analogue photography with the kind of instant feedback that even digital photography can't match... homw many digital cameras can deliver a print into your hand right after pressing the shutter button?!

But what fascinates me most about Polaroid is the huge range of things you can do with a Polaroid print once it is in your hand. I love digital photography as much as anyone, and many of my favourite Polaroid techniques involve a digital component. But sometimes pushing all those pixel around on a screen, then hitting the print button to have a printer on the other side of the room spit out a print leaves me feeling too detached from the whole process. Experimenting with Polaroid film forces you to get your hands dirting and bring a feeling of handicraft back to photogaphy.