Art, architecture and design

I've been interested in these subjects for a long time. My interest in architecture stems from my degree in urban studies, which had a large component of urban and architectural history. I guess my interest in art and design (especially furniture design) followed on from that.

I am mainly interested in 20th century architecture and design. Favourite architects include Alvar Aalto, Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Favourite designers include Marcel Breuer, Hans Wegner, Robin/Lucienne Day, and Charles/Ray Eames. One of my favourite contemporary artists is the sculptor Anish Kapour. The images to the right are (top to bottom) Selfridges Department Store in Birmingham (photo: me), an 'Ox' chair designed by Hans Wegner (photo: and an installation by Anish Kapor at Tate Modern (photo: me).

Below are some links to some interesting modern art/architecture/design resources.

Architecture links

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20th century design shops